SEM Analysis

Materials Science

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is similar to optical microscope with improved resolving power and extremely high magnification (useful). In SEM analysis, electron beam is used as light source and electro-magnetic lenses are used instead of glass lenses in optical microscope. The modern SEM with accessories like EDX or WDX finds in- numerable number of applications.

Materials Science is a field which deals with the discovery and development of new materials and methods for their study. It is a multidisciplinary science involving different fields of knowledge such as physics, chemistry and engineering. Materials Science focuses on studying the most important characteristics of materials such as their mechanical, chemical, electrical, thermal, optical and magnetic properties. The field can be sub-divided into different disciplines including nanomaterials, organic materials, electronic/photonic materials, structural/composite materials and smart materials.

  • Steels & Metal Alloys
  • Ceramics & Hard Coatings
  • Glass
  • Polymers & Composites
  • Material for Building & Civil Engineering
  • Wood, Textile & Paper