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RLA of Turbine Components
RLA of Boiler Components
Condition Monitoring of Rotating Equipment
Structural Integrity Management & Engineering Services
NDT Inspection Services
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NDT of Civil Structures
Specialized Services
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RLA of Turbine Components

SLPL is offering following specialized turbine inspection services for new and existing power plants (TG/HIGT).

• Life Extension Assessment and Recommendations
• Technical support for repair
• TPI works at the shop floor
• NDT of Turbine parts
• Bond-Debond Inspection
• Rotor Inspection
• Visual Inspection
• Management of component replacement and repair
• Risk assessment & RBI
• Fact-finding inspection of HIGT’s
• NFT turbine blades
• Review/supervision of Refurbishment procedures

RLA of Boiler Components

SLPL is Providing Following Services for Boiler Components

• Remaining Life Assessment (RLA) studies of Boiler components
• In-situ oxide scale thickness measurement of boiler tubes and its life prediction
• Boiler/HRSG fabrication surveillance
• Boiler Bank tubes inspection by IRIS method
• Corrosion mapping of water wall tubes
• NDT inspection of boiler components
• In-situ metallography by replica method for microstructural analysis
• Condition assessment of boiler tubes

Condition Monitoring of Rotating Equipment

SLPL is equipped with state of art technology facilities to carry out the condition monitoring services as follows

• Vibration Analysis of rotating equipment
• Condition monitoring of Bearings
• Natural Frequency Testing of turbine blades (Bump Test)
• Dynamic Balancing of rotors

Structural Integrity Management & Engineering Services

SLPL is equipped with state of art technology facilities to carry out the following structural integrity assessment of materials

• Metallurgical and engineering root cause analysis and failure investigations.
• Component integrity assurance including defect assessment and fitness for service.
• Boiler tube failure analysis

NDT Inspection Services

SLPL equipped with conventional & advanced NDT equipment with approved practices & procedures for the following services

• Ultrasonic Testing
• Painting and coating Inspection
• Radiography Testing
• Boroscopic Inspection
• Magnetic Particle Inspection
• Phased Array/ TOFD UT Inspection
• Penetrant Testing
• Eddy Current Testing 
• Positive Material Identification(PMI)
• Insitu- Metallography(Replica)
• Hardness Testing
• Corossion Testing

Technical Consultancy Services

SLPL offering the following consultancy services

• Welders certification for advanced materials used supercritical boilers
• Vendor Assessments 
• Third Party Inspections
• Pipe and hanger inspection of power cycle pipelines and its stress analysis 
• Steam path audit 
• WPS & PQR Preparation
• Welder’s Qualification

NDT of Civil Structures

• The permeability of concrete 
• Rebound hammer test
• Ultrasonic pulse velocity
• Pile loading testing

Specialized Services

SRL offers its services under the following specialized/ focused business units:

• Condition Assessment of Boiler & Turbine Components. 
• Condition Monitoring of Rotating equipment.
• Natural frequency testing of turbine rotor blades.
• Structural Integrity Management.
• Engineering Services (Failure Analysis).
• NDT Inspection Services.
• Ultrasonic inspection of thin wall thickness pipelines. 
• Boroscope inspection of boiler headers & other components.
• Oxide scale thickness measurement of boiler tubes.
• Technical Consultancy Services.
• Training & Certification Programs.
• Third party inspection services.
• Destructive testing.
• Failure investigation of boiler tubes and other engineering components.
• Microstructural degradation studies of engineering components. 

Other than this we have other services in the fields of Pharmaceuticals, Food, biotechnology, Chemical Analysis, Civil structures, Environmental studies of electronic products. Leather technology

Training & Certification Programs

Training Division of SLPL is carrying out Level-I/II training & certification program in accordance with ASNT recommended practicing SNT-TC-1A for the following methods.

• Visual Testing
• Penetrating Testing (PT) 
• Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPT) 
• Ultrasonic Testing (UT) 
• Radiography Testing (RT) 
• Eddy current Testing (ET) 
• Preparatory classes for CSWIP 3.1,3.2, BGAS, QA/QC