We offer value addition to the rail and light rail industries by ensuring the quality, performance and robustness of railway materials, components and systems, and compliance with applicable regulations and standards.

As tourism and e-commerce industry drive the growth and shape the transportation industry, the reliance on rail and light rail services has increased more than ever. As train travel is becoming faster, lighter and more advanced, rail testing is becoming more and more critical to ensure the safety of products, as well as developing new high-tech materials. Rapid growth has brought a unique set of challenges across the supply chain, from system design and engineering to construction companies and operations. Hence, efficiency, on-time project delivery and safety are paramount to any organisation involved in the rail industry.

Sanray’s dedicated rail laboratory provides tailored testing services and quality assurance solutions across many aspects of the rail and light rail industries, from material selection and behaviour, research and development, failure analysis and mechanical strength, thus enabling you to identify and control risks in your operations whilst meeting safety, sustainability and performance standards.

Equipped with industry-leading technology, including customizable train simulation programs, high-capacity weld strength testing, abrasion and corrosion evaluation, and metallurgical inspection, our laboratories provide services that involves crude oil rail car inspection and testing, metallurgy consultancy, non-destructive testing, corrosion and failure analysis, rail car integrity programmes, oil condition monitoring and stray current risk assessment and management.

We can help safeguard continuous rail operation and promote the industry’s longevity.