Sanray offers a comprehensive range of marine services including consulting services and laboratory analysis that support shipping, maritime and ports industries.

Global shipping efficiency depends upon the free movement, and safe and efficient working of ships and other sea-worthy structures, supported by international standards which have to be set, recognized and maintained. Sanray’s trusted and reliable technical expertise allows its clients including ship, vessel, and offshore platform owners, operator, ports and harbours to depend on it to improve their operations, compliance and safety.

Sanray also helps protect ship owners and operators from equipment failure, downtime, and repairs, and other risks. With its deep knowledge and experience of the field, and its resources, we help our clients reduce and avoid costly delays, repairs, losses and other risks to their offshore and shipping business and operations. Ports and harbours count on us for risk management, meeting regulatory standards and ensure safety of operations. From policy to operations we can identify and mitigate risk to ensure the environmental performance of the harbour waters during economic development and operations.

We also help you develop your activities while keeping in line with quality, health and safety, and environmental requirements of the maritime industry. Our services cover the entire ship’s life cycle, from the design stage through to the surveys of vessels in operation and decommissioning.

Sanray maritime industry services include –

  • Ballast water policy, management plans, sampling and analysis
  • Chemical Regulatory Services
  • Marine Products Flammability Testing
  • Marine Training – To develop marine personnel competency, preparing them for licensing
  • Offshore wing consulting services – To help manage risk of all marine-related issues
  • Oil and gas services extending to offshore and deep-water expertise and capabilities
  • Port and harbours development, design, and environmental engineering
  • Testing and inspection services for bunker fuel, lubricants, potable water, fire-fighting foam and more