Automotive Testing Services

Through our state-of-the-art facilities and industry-leading technical expertise, Sanray presents professional automotive testing and certification services which manufacturers and OEMs of products ranging from headlights to mufflers, chassis to interiors and everything in between, require to differentiate their products.

Automotive products are becoming more complex due to the rapid growth in technologies, including wireless components and systems. As a result, car manufacturers face new challenges in maintaining quality and reliability as well as connectivity within the car, and to surrounding infrastructure. This also brings up questions in the customer’s mind about the safety of the products. Is the chassis built to defend against salt spray erosion, how does the engine respond in high altitude? Will the vehicle or component withstand years of vibration? Along with building the brand image, companies also need to be competitive, with efficient processes and controls at each level of the supply chain.

Sanray can help you substantiate the durability of your engines or shocks, or partner with you on build of specific test methods for key areas of product development. We can help you accelerate your environmental exposure testing for all things in the range of -45°C to 177°C, optimize tensile strength or thermal shock testing, targeted electrical testing among all. Our automotive testing department supports materials testing, performance testing, research and development, safety, and certification, and consultancy for both established and developmental alternative energy fuels and new technologies.

Our services serve all players in the automotive value chain, from manufacturers and dealers, to suppliers, insurers, governments and, ultimately the consumers. But we offer more than automotive testing and certification services; we Add Value. With decades of experience and deep knowledge of the field, our Engaged experts utilize our state-of-the-art facilities to provide guidance and results that you can trust, along with providing innovative and tailor-made testing, inspection and certification services throughout the operations and distribution chains. Vehicle manufacturers rely on us for maintaining consistent quality of goods and processes, including testing of the components, systems and whole vehicles, and certification of management systems and we bring to them peace of mind with the assurance that their business is operating as safely and efficiently as possible.

Our Area of Expertise include:

Materials and Components - Composites, Plastics and Metals:
Sanray provides its technical expertise of polymers, plastic materials, composites, metals and alloys, and latest laboratory equipment and techniques to support manufacturers and developers of automotive materials.

  • Automotive Materials Testing
  • Automotive Materials Weathering Testing
  • Automotive Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Testing
  • Chemical Testing and Analysis
  • Environmental Exposure (-45°C to 177°C)
  • Final Product Inspection of Automotive Components
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services
  • Permanent Function Test
  • Polymers & Plastics
  • Quality Control

Autonomous and Connected Vehicles:
Sanray helps you achieve compliance with all testing and design criteria, and regulation standards required to launch your autonomous vehicle solution.

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Testing
  • Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Testing & Certification
  • Full Vehicle Homologation Services
  • Functional Safety
  • Track and On-Road Fleet Testing

Engine and Gears
Partner with us to develop optimal products by utilising Sanray’s test services for automotive engines and drive trains. We offer variety of standard as well as customized test solutions for a wide range of customers in passenger cars, trucks and high-performance engines sectors.

  • Automotive Internal Engine Tests
  • Dust Separation Process
  • Engine Endurance and Durability Testing
  • Engine Research, Development and Emissions
  • Gear Test
  • Noise Measurements (Sones, dB)
  • RDE/PEMS Test

Automotive Fluids
Here at Sanray, we have expert services for fluids in the automotive industry offering independent tests focusing customer-oriented solutions carried out in its modern laboratories.

  • Dust Separation Test
  • Lubricants & Fuel Systems
  • Testing Fuels / Oil – Engines and Laboratories

Electrical Components and Electronics
Sanray help you ensure that your components, machineries and processes are compliant with the appropriate national and international regulatory standards.

  • Accredited EMC Test
  • Altitude Simulation
  • Automotive Headlamps & Luminaire Testing
  • Battery Test
  • Buzz Squeaking and Rattle (BSR)
  • Durability Testing / Life Cycle
  • Electrical and EMC Testing for Automotive Components
  • Environmental Testing
  • Fault check (FMVT)
  • Measuring Technology
  • Noise Measurements (Sones, dB)
  • Protection against intrusion/penetration (IP)
  • Telematics & Wireless Testing
  • Vibration Testing & Analysis

Electro Mobility / Electric Vehicles
Sanray offers advance and easy to use solutions to help you evaluate and verify the performance, safety and electromagnetic compatibility of complete electric and hybrid vehicles as per regional and international standards. This allows you to asses the risks associated and mitigate it and you can bring your products faster than other competitors to your rapidly growing markets.

  • Automotive Battery and Electric Vehicle Testing
  • Battery Safety Testing
  • Battery Test Electric Vehicle
  • Charging Infrastructure
  • Electric Mobility
  • Electrical Vehicle Component Testing
  • Environmental Performance
  • Interoperability Studies
  • Services in the Field of Electro-Mobility

Environmental Testing
Our Automotive Environmental Testing Laboratories perform all aspects of environmental testing for automotive applications, and by providing a range of simulated and accelerated options, brings you an assurance that your products are ready to withstand any environmental challenges that may come their way, be it rain, heat, freezing temperatures, or corrosive substances. We also combine multiple methodologies simultaneously to give you a complete picture of your product’s performance under any potential environment.

  • Dust, Fog, Salt Spray, UV
  • Thermal Shock / Mechanical Shock
  • Vibration Testing

System Testing
With the increasing complexity of vehicle technology, coordination between specialised test partners and OEMs is gaining importance. We provide complete inspection of your products and systems to assure you that your products will perform in all driving situations.

  • Driveline Test (Including Hybrids and e-Motors)
  • Dust-Settling Method
  • Environmental Exposure (-45°C to 177°C)
  • Field Performance Data Collection and Analysis
  • Fleet Testing Services

Vehicle Testing Services
We perform appropriate testing services to provide complete quality assurance to passenger and heavy-duty vehicle through our labs, closed course and on-road testing solutions.

  • American Centre for Mobility Powered by Sanray
  • Automotive Homologation
  • On-Road or Closed Course (Track) Vehicle and Component Testing

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Testing
Sanray works with its customers on VOC issues to provide VOC and aldehyde-ketone emission testing for materials and products and minimize problems before they emerge in the field.

  • Automotive Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Testing

Standards We Test For:
Sanray has been accredited to conduct a wide range of electrical, chemical, and mechanical tests for full vehicles, automotive components, products and related systems. Some of the commonly used standards are:

  • ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • IBR Certificate
  • ISO 9001
  • NABL

Additional Resources:

Consulting: Cadence, Altium Mentor Graphics, PADS; Cavity and Structural Resonance Analysis; CST Microwave Studio, Agilent ADS, HyperLynx; Design Team Management; Drive by Wire; EMC; EMC/EMI Simulation and Design for EMC; EV Charging Stations; High Speed Analog/Digital Circuit Design; HSPICE, MATLAB. Mathcad/Simulink; Interconnect Analysis; Low Noise Analog Circuit Design; Mixed Signal Design; OrCAD, CadenaceSpectraQuest; Power Integrity Analysis; Project Management; RF Circuit Design; Signal Integrity; Sonar System Design, Display System Design; Switching and Linear Power Supplies Design; Wireless

DVP&R Support: Engineer a Design Verification Plan & Report (DVP&R) for your automotive products

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA): Utilize our FMEA services in the beginning of your products and process development to ensure potential problems and actual errors are recognised and addressed throughout the development cycle.

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP): Verify your material acceptance in the Automotive Industry.

Test Development: Create customized test methods based on your specific objectives.

Test Equipment Design: Draft and build customized test equipment available to purchase.

Fixture Design: Originate and build fixtures and support structures needed for testing your products.

Dimensional Analysis: Analyse and determine dimensional variances in prototype, production, and CAD models using Sanray’s CMM and 3D scanning/printing capabilities. This service can also be used before and after testing to monitor for dimensional stability.

Data Acquisition/Monitoring: Design and develop systems to collect, monitor, and control data and communications to your products; for example, monitoring/controlling CAN bus data flow, strain gauges, and digital and analog I/O.

CAD and FEA: Utilize full CAD capabilities, as well as stress analysis capabilities using finite element analysis (FEA).