Customs Services

Sanray Government and Trade Services rely on extensive experience in facilitating trade, to develop and deliver new and bespoke services for governments, customs, authorities and standards organisations.

These services facilitate international trade through compliance of import and exports with regulatory requirements.

Our services generate revenue through customs duty, improve efficiency, enhance security of the supply chain and ensure best practice of the international trade process.

Examples of innovative services we offer in trade facilitation:

Advanced Trade Solutions
Sanray’s Advanced Trade Assessment System bring together a range of new Customs tools and technologies and deliver a step change in performance without compromising trade. We enhance customs efficiency using e-business technologies including Valuation Information Programme and Risk Management Systems.

Supply Chain Security Services
Sanray offers supply chain security services to governments, airports, customs organisations, port authorities and businesses for protection from all potential supply chain security risks.

Our supply chain security services include

  • Cargo Scanning
  • Security Consultancy
  • Training and Development Services

Pre-Shipment Inspection
Sanray provides pre-shipment inspection services to the government as a means of protecting import revenues for themselves and their citizens. The government implement PSI programmes to ensure that imports comply with their regulations and the correct customs duty is received.