From grassroots exploration to final product shipment, Sanray provides minerals testing, inspection, assurance and certification services to support mining activities.

In a world of deeper anomalies, remote exploration projects and mines, complex ore bodies and increasing cost pressures, industry leaders such as Sanray can provide the innovative bespoke solutions needed to support our clients meet these challenges. With industry-recognised technical expertise and an established network, Sanray offers end to end testing services across our clients’ entire resource development chain.

With a network of minerals laboratories, sample preparation facilities and offices in key mining regions and ports, Sanray offers a wide range of minerals services to the mining and minerals exploration industries. Sample preparation services are strategically located or available at client’s project sites. Minerals analytical laboratories provide high quality minerals assay and testing services utilising the latest technology along with proven scientific methodology.Mine site and port laboratories are customised to clients’ specific requirements, with the assurance of Sanray’s record of high quality, cost-effective onsite support to client’s projects.

As regulations change and technology is created or innovated, our knowledge and industry expertise assist clients to meet evolving demands. Sanray are constantly evaluating new instrumentation and technology to continuously improve quality, efficiency and add value for our clients. We specialise in provision and operation of the latest automated and robotic laboratory solutions offering significant advantages to clients in remote locations, improving efficiency, consistency, safety and productivity. Dedicated automated mine site laboratories and port facilities are designed, commissioned and operated by Sanray, allowing clients to focus on their core business.

Sanray Minerals Trade Services provide independent inspection, sampling, testing and certification services at load and discharge ports globally which assist to protect the quantity and quality value of minerals commodities and reduce commercial risk in the trading environment.