Hazardous Locations

Our knowledgeable team offers Hazardous Area and Hazardous Location services around the world.

Hazardous areas present unique challenges for people, processes, and equipment. Sanray can provide bespoke services for hazardous locations to help our clients power ahead safely.

All equipment manufactured for use in explosive atmospheres, whether the explosive atmosphere is caused by gas, vapour, mist or combustible dust must be suitably marked. Our team of engineers and technicians have the experience and know-how to help you through the certification process. Beyond equipment, Sanray provides the most comprehensive services for end-to-end risk management and quality assurance, providing peace of mind through training, advisory, and technical service solutions designed with you in mind.

Intrinsic Safety
When you are designing intrinsically safe products, testing and certification is an essential consideration.

Protection Methods
Take charge in determining your Hazardous Locations protection needs.

Hazardous Locations Consulting Services
Our on-demand expertise can help accelerate your product design and market launch, access global markets, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.

Alternative Fuels
Find out how certification and classification protocols can provide clear safety solutions.

Preliminary Evaluations
Power ahead safely with a preliminary evaluation that offers valuable insights and guidance.

Training Programmes
Get expert, timely and customized training to suit your specific needs.

Technical Services
Streamline your processes and get your projects on the right path.