Lubricants & Greases

Sanray offers lubricant and grease testing, inspection, regulatory consulting and certification services and provide valuable insights into their performance and integrity.

Lubricants and greases maximize the life of bearings and machinery, therefore saving money, time and manpower and making operations more efficient and reliable. Ensuring quality and durability requirements are achieved helps maintain dependable operations for machinery and other equipment.

Sanray provides a comprehensive range of testing, certification, regulatory consulting and inspection services from the manufacturing plant to the end-user supporting producers and users of industrial and automotive lubricants, greases and other fluids.

For clients who operate or maintain machinery and systems, we provide a complete range of oil condition monitoring (OCM) services. We monitor the condition of fluids used in critical equipment to identify potential failures. Sanray technical experts interpret the data to deliver high value information that enables our clients to make timely decisions on the maintenance of their assets.

Lubricant quality control testing includes lubricant analysis programmes for large, high-value engines and drive-trains, turbines, ships, trains, generators, offshore platforms and other valuable machinery.

In the automotive sector, fuel, lubricant and engine manufacturers benefit from Sanray’s Automotive Research Laboratory testing services. We have expertise in lubricant testing for standardised gasoline and diesel engines, engine and drive-train endurance, durability testing and more.

To facilitate trade, Sanray's experts in regulatory consulting also provide comprehensive support for developing and implementing regulatory compliance strategies for new and existing products. We offer services related to new product introductions, data development, as well as validation of compliance of existing products with required regulations.

Our Lubricant, Coolant & OCM services include

  • Coolant Analysis
  • Fuel Analysis
  • Hydraulic Fluid Analysis
  • New and Used Lubricants Testing
  • Provide Informative Expert Maintenance
  • Recommendations
  • Refrigerant Testing
  • Turbine Oil Analysis